3D Glasses Available for sale 0321-4928783.

Get Red Cyan / Magenta Green Ana-glyph 3D Glasses, Now you can enjoy Internet with an other Dimension. Hundreds of sites & torrent e.g; youtube are showing a bulk of 3D stuff on Internet which can be seen with Special 3D Glasses.

You can watch it on your Tv, Monitor, LCD, Laptop, LED Tv, Projector, Plasma, DVD Player, VCD Player, HD Player, Blue Ray. Also Available 3D Ana-glyph Movies.

Also Available 3D Ana-glyph Movies. (100 Each DVD)

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D 

The Final Destination
Avatar (Urdu / English)
Piranha 3D
Toy Story 3
Ice Age 3
Journey To The Center of The Earth
Step Up 3D
Saw 3D
Alice in Wonderland 3D 

Rs.1000 Original Picture NVIDIA 3D VISION DISCOVER

Rs.700 Original Picture Imported (Plastic Frame)

Rs.800 Original Picture Imported Real D (Need 120Hz LCD)

Rs.100 Original Picture Imported (Paper Frame)